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Individual sessions

I can offer you professional help in difficult life situations, when you feel distressed, anxious or depressed. Using the approach which is right for you, you can regain your lost peace and joy of life. In my practice I have worked with people who suffered with problems with:

  • depression

  • anxiety (generalised anxiety as well as panic attacks, OCD or specific phobias)

  • post-traumatic stress

  • self-esteem

  • relationships 

  • communication

  • anger

  • family problems

  • parenting

  • fostering / adoption

  • caring for someone with dementia

Prednášky a kurzy
Group Meeting
Lectures and courses

As part of my study I had the chance to learn about new approaches in psychology:

  • Mindfulness and

  • Compassionate Mind

I believe that the main themes and techniques covered by these approaches can help us better understand our behaviour and motivations and contribute towards better relationships between individuals and the whole society.


The lecture Love, Acceptance and Compassion is focused on new approach to brain emotional systems. We talk about the need to create balance between the fear for survival; drive; and soothing acceptance of others and ourselves. We try to answer the question, whether we should be compassionate with ourselves.

The courses include 8 sessions, each lasting 1.5 -2 hours.  It gives us an opportunity to learn new information as well as try and practice some techniques, which we canfind helpful in our everyday lives. 

The optimal number of course participants is around 10 people. 

Please contact me, if you are interested in organising or attending my lecture of the course.

Náhradní rodičia
Easter preparations
Foster families

I believe that all foster and adoptive families should have a professional help available since the very first day. It happens too often that parents realize, that traditional approaches to parenting are not only "not helpful", they are literally making the situation much worse.

I will be happy to provide consultation for surrogate parents, because I learned myself, how understanding of early trauma can shift our parenting approach. I base my consultation on my personal experiences, my study of psychology, and mainly on approach described by Bryan Post in his books From Fear to Love and Great Behaviour Breakdown.   

Slovak translation of the book From Fear to love can be found here:

Kniha Od Strachu k Láske


More useful links:                                                 

In Slovak                                                                                   In English

Nadácia Návrat                                                                      Post Institute (Bryan Post)

Efektívne rodičovstvo                                                           Child Trauma Academy (Dr. Bruce Perry)

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